First Visit

First of all, WELCOME to Midwest Pediatric Dentistry! We are excited to work with you and your family. The first visit can lay the groundwork for happy visits to the pediatric dentist in the future. If your child is old enough to understand, feel free to tell them about the visit ahead of time.

Here are some great references and fun activities for kids:

Please refrain from using words such as “drill,” “shot,” “needle,” “pull,” and especially “hurt,” or “pain,” so as not to cause unnecessary nervousness. Our Pediatric Dentists and staff will explain what will happen with each step and answer all of the child's questions at the appointment. This helps a child not to get overly worried or frightened before starting. Our team has made it a standard to use words that are more pleasant and not as scary to your child, while still conveying exactly what is going to happen.

You are welcome to stay with your child during their appointments. We simply ask that you act as a silent observer during the child's visit and allow for us to build rapport and a relationship with your child. Our goal is to gain your child's trust and make him or her feel comfortable at each visit to prevent a fear of coming back. Please remember for the safety and privacy of our other patients, children who are not being treated should be kept in the reception area under the supervision of an adult.