What Our Patients Are Saying!
I have taken my five-year-old to dr. Emily several times. She is very sweet and does an excellent job. We did not think we could love any dentist more until later we began to see dr. Kim. He is fantastic! Not only is he good with children, but he has excellent discernment and does not advocate for unnecessary and painful things. He is always looking for ways to help support my children's teeth without being overly aggressive with treatment. I really respect his approach and highly recommend him.

Shannon S.


Have taken my son to Dr. Kim several times. He is quick but also thorough with my child and makes him feel comfortable. My toddler now loves going to the dentist and has even told me he is going to be a dentist when he grows up. He has WAY better oral hygiene than I did as a toddler and I think that has a lot to do with being comfortable with his dentist and knowing the routine.

Taniya F.


They are always very professional and courteous. The dental staff always goes above and beyond to make my daughter comfortable - she LOVES the dentists office now!!

Stephanie L.